Mark Shurtleff and John Swallow in Hawk?

As this story goes on and on and on, it seems more and more the legs grow out of control for Mark Shurtleff and his right hand man John Swallow. It seems more whistle blowers and more individuals are gaining confidence to complain against the two with donation records, receipts, emails and many other bizarre things that normally wouldn’t even be a thought in this process..

Mark shurtleff has made many deals

Mark shurtleff has made many deals

People are catching on to the donation plot as I am sure that’s been going on behind closed doors for years! People don’t realize this scandal between Mark and  John are just the tip of a very large iceberg.

I believe Francine Giani and Governor Herbert are one scary political tandem. They work together and probably a lot closer than most realize.

This political warfare  starts with the “AG, DCP and Gov’s office”  even possibly down to their Attorney Jeffery Buckner who is the lead attorney for all  top State agencies in Utah.

So with all this bickering between the DCP and the AG’s office it comes out one hand has no idea at all what the other hand is doing??   Secret phone calls, meetings and donations.

Seems both Agencies are familiar with each other, these two offices rotate employees back  and forth like its a game of “red rover red rover send Traci right over”.

Kevin Olsen was working in the DCP’s office at one point, now he works for the Attorney Generals office and Traci Gunderson the Former Head of the DCP, she actually worked for the AG’s office previously before joining Francine Giani.—interesting game of flip flopping key employees.

Not to mention Kevin Olsen while working in the DCP and  the DCP investigators in that office have direct communication with these call center business’s..

Many business’s in the Online/Call center coaching industry give their  information directly to the DCP when it’s not even their own business’s they are giving information on.

They cough up information like who works with who and so forth  and turn that over to the DCP so if these floors don’t offer what their constituents want or if you don’t pay to play, or follow the lines of their special interest groups you will just get hammered by the Division of Consumer Protections or the AG’s office.

Utah is more than an industry for politics. It's a club!

Utah is more than an industry for politics. It’s a club!

So in hind sight the DCP and the AG’s  offices work together and know what each other are doing on these specific cases as they investigate through many State Agencies like the licensing division to get information. They do communicate together. Do they know about all of Swallow’s creepy recorded phone calls? No, probably not but they do communicate on some things.

These Agencies might have different Political interests overall, but at times they are still in the same sand box. As Francine Giani would say they’re  a very small close group of attorneys working in those offices together.

Attorney Jeffery Buckner whom has a great reputation in the normal private sector in law.  Jeffery Buckneris chess piece that moves through out all 3 top offices in the State, so again both hands should be aware of what’s going on?

Is there an honest attorney one out there besides Ron Yengich?????? Or is there an attorney not afraid to tango with the state? “Just like Traci Gundersen is afraid of these people” Most local attorneys in the private sector are too.

No one wants to go up against the powerful DCP and Francine Giani. Active Practicing attorney’s face possible backlash and have to deal with these State attorney’s like Jeffery Buckner regularly in other cases… So most Attorney’s just don’t take the case.

An Attorney that took a case for Diverse Marketing over a $400,000.00 fine on a bonding and licensing issue was

Blair Jackson and Greg Christiansen  back in 2009 were business partners and they were also registered agents for Diverse Marketing among other entities in the call floor industy.

Fox 13 news did a story on an undisclosed donation  by Greg Christiansen with Invictus Law based out of South Jordan an Lehi in Utah.  SAME GUY THAT REPRESENTED many  other call center companies listed below.

City weekly shows shurtleff donations

City weekly shows shurtleff donations

I remember a statement made way back from GLEN MINSON in the DCP at the time, mentioned to Aaron Christner on the phone as he found out Blair was the registered agent and attorney For Diverse Marketing.

Glen Minson continues to say to Aaron: “Oh so your Blairs boys huh” come to find out that Blair Jackson is one of the only guys to beat down a complaint against the DCP and Francine Giani when he represented Stores online a call center out of Utah County.

Blair sort of backed off of representing floors on certain state filings and along with only being the registered agent for certain companies. Blair said due to some legislative agendas and laws he was working on he needed Greg to take the charge on the Diverse Marketing Case.

A few years later after the Diverse Marketing Case it is discovered from local news that Greg Christansen has undisclosed donations to swallow and also has a close relationship with the DCP and worked heavily with-Glen Minson who magically disappeared in the investigator section of the DCP after our case was over but somehow Glen Minson still gets special allotment to work certain call floor cases “like mine” related to this industry when he is no longer in the investigator sector for the DCP?

Why is Glen Minson allowed these SPECIAL privileges?…. Does he have special connections through senate seats or the higher up in the DCP’s office?

Greg Christiansen also Represent JNJ consulting, PMI, and many other individuals in this industry? Many whom are stated in the picture above with Mark shurtleff’s donations…. Deja-vu yet?

So how can Greg Christiansen effectively represent someone when there is a direct conflict of interest with the competition and the company that he supposedly representing at that time?

Greg Christansen and Blair R Jackson still to this day represents many companies within the call industry and it’s apparent they have political ties to Swallow and probably others.

Greg or Blair are usually the registered agent for most  of the call centers in utah or the premiere floors like PMI, JNJ consulting, Bloosky, among others.

Blair Jackson and Greg Christansen ended up giving me plenty of advice which was awful advice…. They told me to perform a “rider bond” to avoid issues with the state, I guess at some point I should have stopped listening to what I thought should have been good legal advice from my hired legal council. However being 22 and naive in business bit me in the ass. Only 400k later ha.

Greg and Blair warned  me that the State of Utah would never let go now that they had their teeth sunk into me and I am pretty sure that’s why they suggested I do a rider bond which is legal  to transfer to another company and this way my bond can’t be taken or “dinged” by the State.

The DCP did end up taking the bond anyway the DCP said according to the their statues “since I know all of them lol”  the bond has to be in place for the original company up to year after it dissolves to handle any claims which should arise?….

So good legal advice or bad legal advice? I guess it’s some advice.

Here is a quote Greg and Blair related about the situation with my first scheduled  hearing with the DCP:

This hearing is a kangaroo court. You’re going to lose no matter what. The hearing is with a panel of DCP investigators and higher ups in the DCP- same group that filed your complaint. You have no shot in winning this hearing. You are paying us to lose this first round then we will get a fair chance in district court. They will get their money from you either way, even if you have to spend it all fighting the DCP in attorney fees one way or another they will be going after 400k or as much as they can get” Greg Christiansen

After Diverse Marketing got railroaded in a hearing that Greg specifically stated in the court transcripts that he wasn’t ready for the hearing and negotiations broke of late the previous day the hearing continued without Greg Christiansen being prepared or without clients present.

Here is a copy of Exactly what Mr. Christiansen  said at the beginning of the hearing:

  • CASE NO. 72670 – December 21, 2010
  • (Transcriber’s note: speaker identification
  • may not be accurate with audio recordings.)
  • P R O C E E D I N G S
  • HEARING OFFICER: Okay, today is Tuesday, December
  • 21st, 2010. The time is 9:35 a.m. We’re here in the matter of
  • Mad Cow Productions LLC, Level 11 Mentoring LLC, Cyber
  • Innovations LLC, Derrick R. Price, Aaron Vincent Christner
  • and Ryan Scott Jensen. This is Consumer Protection Case No. 72670. My name is Angela Hendricks. I’m the person that the
  • Director of the Division had designated to preside over the
  • hearing.
  • 1 MR. CHRISTIANSEN: The parties (inaudible) communicate and have extensive settlement negotiations which just broke down last night. So the idea was we were (inaudible) settlement agreement all the way up until about 6:00 last night. So this hearing being today, I mean, it was actually – well, as you can tell, we weren’t prepared to go forward today. They were under the impression we were going to settle. Not that that’s Mr. Minson’s fault, that’s just settlement negotiations broke down at the last moment, so…I don’t want to make that a reflection upon the Division at all. That’s not the case.
  • 2 MR. MINSON: And for the record, this has been continued several times as well. So there’s been, the Division believes, sufficient time to collect evidence on behalf of respondents should that have been the case. So…
  • 3 HEARING OFFICER: Okay. Since Mr. Christiansen is only representing Level 11 Mentoring, Mr. Critcher and Mr. Jensen—
  • MR. CHRISTIANSEN: There’s no real defense for the other entities — HEARING OFFICER: The other entities have not made any appearance, made any requests. Should we just default certain parties out?
  •  MR. MINSON: Here’s my concern with that. I saw the initial request for hearing which made appearance on behalf of all three respondents. Furthermore, there was settlement discussions and negotiations which entailed all three respondents and all three respondents were participatory in attempting to achieve that settlement.
  •  HEARING OFFICER: But they’re not here now.
  •  MR. MINSON: But they’re not here not.
  •  HEARING OFFICER: Mr. Christiansen is here on behalf of Level 11 Mentoring, Mr. Christner, and Mr. Jensen.
  •  MR. MINSON: Right. My understanding is, is that prior to right now in this hearing, that he was representing all entities.
  •  HEARING OFFICER: Well, he’s representing now in the hearing he’s not. That’s what we have on record. You’re representing Level 11, Mr. Christner, and Mr. Jensen.
  •  MR. CHRISTIANSEN: Mr. Jensen.
  •  HEARING OFFICER: So that is whose represented today. Everybody else is not participating today, don’t have representation here today.

— So if you’re an attorney you might be chuckling with how this was handled… Did Greg Christiansen intentionally botch this case as he previously stated THAT I WOULD LOSE THAT HEARING WITH THE DCP REGARDLESS?

Any smart attorney would push for a continuance? You think being unprepared that would be common sense?

Or was Greg Chrisiansen unprepared   because of his conflicts of interests with other Call Centers that he registered and obviously had interest in?…

Possibly could have been  becuase  Diverse Marketing stopped operations and stopped sending tax clients for to them up sale for Tax preparations to? -Similar Operations to the TAX CLUB

Obviously PMI and Greg Christiansen had paid to play with Swallow and didn’t disclose. Not sure how deep it goes or what trails are left to uncover.

The Real kicker here is THE DCP And Francine Giani’s grunt workers approve licensing for all business’s in Utah and the process for this industry is brutal! They comb you with a fine tooth comb.

SO obviously the DCP is well aware of Blair Jackson and Greg Christiansen with their questionable donations, shell companies, being multiple registered agents and representation for many in trouble call centers and still yet the DCP takes no action?

Blair and Greg owners of Bloosky were hit with a FTC Case but no State case??? Deja-vu again?? Tax Club, PMI others?…..

10k Later in attorney fees from Diverse Marketing to Greg Christiansen…. All settlements where off the table with the DCP because we didn’t bring Glen Minson 1200$ in cash by 6pm that evening the day before the hearing when we first found out about the settlement from Glen Minson and the DCP only a few hours before our deadline  to bring CASH to the State, not a check, CASH.. Fishy isn’t it?… State official Glen Minson asking for a fine in cash??  —emails will be released on these conversations soon.

The settlement talks wihth Diverse Marketing and The DCP which included no dialing for 4 years in Utah on top of the $1200 in cash  failed miserably and lets be honest who and what constituent (s) of the States didn’t want Diverse Marketing dialing for 4 years in Utah?  –once again no pay, no play here in Utah

Next day at the DCP hearing Greg Christansen was unprepared for and that $1250.00 and 4 year ban or settlement turned into 400k fine and a cease and desist… Nice shock factor??? Seriously??

UTAH LOVES JOBS!!! I take that back! UTAH LOVES CORPORATIONS AND BIG PAYOUTS! They don’t care about the Small business owner trying to make it work for people in the state.

The DCP and other state offices just want a piece of free easy money and a fat piece of easy pie at the end of the day, it’s just sad! Utah Politics is sad. I don’t think there is a word that can describe Utah politics.

Francine Giani playing all sides of the fence?

Francine Giani playing all sides of the fence?

I know Francine and Mark didn’t get a long much, however I would take a much deeper look between  top 3 agencies in the State and their constituents, close lobbyists and friends as this goes deep.


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