Mark Shurtleff Speaks out about John Swallow

Ryan Scott Jensen and Aaron Christner start an online petition asking for John Swallow to resign from Utah’s AG office and this is why. –New Salt Lake Tribune Article–


Deseret News article -EX A.G. Shurtleff Speaks out

An earlier post we posted had reported some of the earlier dealings involving Mark Shurtleff. These reports were done by the City weekly whom doesn’t get enough credit at times.  I believe these Stories and the intense fine lines walked by Utah politicians to be true and unethical.

Since Mark Shurtleff’s time in office there has been many questions about him padding and lining his own pockets. It’s obviously fishy that he has hand picked Then Chief Deputy AG, now AG of Utah John Swallow to be his man in office to continue covering the dirt.

The sad thing is Mark Shurtleff whom received a lot of donations from business’s that are questionable support all these groups for money. They thrived off of donations and questionable dealings.

Shurtleff and his Super pac donated money to Swallow and a lot of it. These guys have cornered a lot of business markets for gains and it’s sad how bad they have snowed the citizens of Utah.  Yeah they may not have done it illegally, but their intent to unethically get things done or doing these things for themselves is obviously why their integrity and judgement  has been compromised casting a black cloud among Utah politics.

Mark shurtleff has made many deals

Mark shurtleff has made many deals

So now that Mark Shurtleff has passed the Throne to John Swallow, this is really the first time Shurtleff has talked in detail about the Swallow and Jeremy Johnson debacle. John Swallow hasn’t done nearly the job Mark Shurtleff has done by covering their tracks and John Swallow may have left their bottoms hanging out this time.

How come Mark Never brought this up to authorities months before hand? I am quite sure he didn’t go to the US district attorney or the Feds first. He went to his friend John Swallow first then the US attorney and FEDS.

More updates coming on John Swallow were we will be exploring a  time line of events.

Ryan Jensen Utah


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